Gnome 43 and Ubuntu 22.04.01 LTS

Hi All,
Just watched Jay’s YouTube video, showing Gnome 43, it looks great.

Anyone know when Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS may get updated to Gnome 43?

Unlikely for that to happen. Historically, the reason why the desktop is considered LTS as well (i.e. not just the base OS), is because the GUI software does not get updated either, just gets security patches backported, if anything. The only way is to remove that and ad a PPA for the latest GS, or upgrade to interim-releases.

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Thanks for your reply.
Ubuntu is my first experience with Linux, and I fine it all works well for me.
Maybe when I get more experienced with linux, I will look at other options …

I mean, I didn’t even bring other distros to the mix, I just said that you could upgrade to Ubuntu interim-releases, instead of staying with the LTS, if you want to get the benefits of GS 43.

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Another option is to try the Ubuntu Rolling Rhino Remix. I haven’t tried this myself (since I’m only running server), but I know it exists.

This is a toolset that converts Ubuntu into a rolling distribution with additional tools. In this way, packages would be ported to the latest Ubuntu development branch, much like Debian Sid.

Since this is a volunteer work-in-progress, I would always advice to have solid backups of important data at hand.

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