Frequent extended "hangs" in Arch guest in Virtualbox

Sorry if this is the wrong category, but I am trying to get more comfortable with Arch and have been installing in a virtual machine using Virtualbox before I make an attempt at installing directly on any of my main hardware.

The problem is that there are frequent “hangs” for instance, straight at boot on the login screen I’ll type out my login and nothing appears, sometimes for over a full minute, then finally my input shows. The vbox log has multiple messages about “giving up catch-up attempt.”

The host machine has 16 logical processors and 32 GB of RAM, the guest is allocated 8 processors, 8 GB of RAM, AMD-V enabled. Arch has virtualbox-guest-utils installed. I’ve tried installing Arch several times, both on Linux and Windows hosts, using the Arch wiki as well as Jay’s latest video instructions and it always occurs.

The answer at first seems obvious - it’s virtualbox, however I don’t experience the same in other linux distro guests and I don’t see it in Arch while in the installer, it only begins when I chroot / reboot into the actual install that it begins. So I feel like I’m doing something wrong with the install, but can’t figure what it would be.