Forum Updates Coming

Hello everyone,

This forum is definitely in need of some updating, that’s for sure. And that’s what will happen.

I don’t have a timeline yet, nor do I have a full list of changes that are coming - what I’ll be doing is testing various settings, tweaking things, until I run out of things to improve. You’ll see many smaller tweaks, sometimes larger tweaks.

In the meantime, please ignore any oddities while I work on improving the forum.


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It’s cool that you are taking time to customize the website, but please try your best to maintain Discourse’s highlight bar when scrolling with j and k. On a thread, it still shows up in the comments. On the latest page, it’d now hidden, making navigation hard.

For anyone interested, there are other keyboard shortcuts, like u to undo or go back, i to open notifications and so on.



I actually wasn’t aware of this feature until you mentioned it.

But I might need some guidance or information on how to retain this. Do you know where this setting is, or what might have changed to stop it from working?


I saw it disappear when the big post / highlights of the threads are now shown. Beforehand, the bar was available. And the bar is still there inside the threads, just not on the main page.

Orange bar on the threads when pressing “j.”

No bar when scrolling with “j” and “k.”

Reference forum having that bar.

If it’s not too much of a deal to find it, then you can leave it. It’s not a deal breaker, but it’s a wonderful feature for navigating the website that I absolutely love.

If I see that feature somewhere, I’ll enable it. I haven’t seen it yet. But I’ll definitely fix it if I can.

I’m pretty sure the feature is enabled already, it’s the keyboard navigation of the site. But the bar color or something is affected or covered by the large previews. You can still scroll with j and k on the latest page, and hit enter to open the page, but just that the highlighter doesn’t show up.

I didn’t even know that keyboard shortcut for j and k existed, thanks!

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