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mother board compitalbe is linux how to test it does anyone has ıdea for it

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No better way to test it, than to run Linux on it and see what works, but motherboards have few things that may not work, like ethernet, maybe wifi and that’s about it. Or watch Level1Techs for motherboard testing, they test more in-depth stuff, like IOMMU groups and ECC support and other things that are not Linux-specific.

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As @Biky mentioned, trying to run Linux on the hardware is the best way to find compatibility. I have Linux running on a number of brands of hardware both laptop and desktop, and so far everything works on all of my systems. If the motherboard is very new there might be a lag in driver support in the Linux kernel to some of the hardware on the motherboard.

Try to run a Live ISO image off of a USB on the hardware. Use something like MX Linux or Ubuntu, distros that are known to have all of the firmware and drivers baked into their live images, and see if it runs without issues. Then you don’t have to do a full install where you touch the hard drive without knowing if all of your hardware is compatible. MX Linux includes a “Quick Information” tool that will give you a complete listing of all of your hardware. If you notices that your wireless is not working or Ethernet is not working, you would be able to get the exact information about your hardware devices on the motherboard, and do some searches to see if there are distros that have drivers for those devices or not.