Firefox: Widevine DRM plugin missing = no Netflix, Amazon Video

I have been using Pop!_OS for a while, and mostly it works great. In 21.10 and 22.04 Firefox will not play Netflix or Amazon Video because Widevine DRM plugin is missing. I have searched for answers to this problem, and looked for optional plugins etc.

Has anyone found how to get Firefox ‘Widevine Content Decryption Module’ for Linux??

Do you have it enabled in Firefox settings?

It will automatically download and install it if you do. BUT, 32-bit Linux is no longer supprted:

Note: Google Widevine ended support for 32-bit Linux on May 31, 2021. Only 64-bit Linux is supported.

According to:


> Firefox: Widevine DRM plugin missing = no Netflix, Amazon Video
Wait, isn’t that a good thing?

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I assume that this is now sorted but if not:

Also in the address bar type about:config, hit enter, then after accepting the warning insert Widevine in the search bar and hit enter. Ensure that it is enabled and if not toggle to enable.

This may also help:

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Thanks Buffy. You were spot on. I had missed the ‘Play DRM controlled content’ setting altogether. Now set on I can play Amazon Prime Video and Netflix fine. Nice!


You’re welcome! Happy viewing! :smile_cat: :penguin:

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