Errata Third Edition

@jay I’m reading the third edition of your book right now. I recently reached the chapter about Virtualization. Up till now I found several errata in your book. I was planning to save them all up until I read the whole book, but now I found out you’re working on the fourth edition. Are you still interested in errata from the 3rd edition? If so, I’ll send you what I have found so far, because I don’t know when I have time to read the remainder of your book (probably during summer holiday :sunglasses:). What’s the best place to send them to?

Btw, it is a pleasure to read this book!

Kind regards,


Meanwhile I had contact with the publisher and send the errata to them :smiley:

Hi there! Thank you so much for doing that. I’ve already checked your findings against the new version. Nearly all of the findings were still present in the in-progress version of the 4th edition. Makes me wish you were on the technical review team!

Very much appreciated.