Dual monitor setup not working

i have a problem i am not able to fix it. tryed everything that i can find as a fix but nothing works.
made a post on ask ubuntu but some wise guy remove like 90% of what i say.

if anyone knows a fix is good if not i will remove ubuntu is not worth having a OS that is not capable or doing basic things like dual monitor setup to work from the start. i am glad i dint remove windows but done a dual boot cuz i will by very angry. this is one of the reasons i think linux will not get over windows in term of users.

If you feel the need to be angry I would encourage you to direct that anger towards NVIDIA and Microsoft. For many years they went to great lengths to make sure that Linux developers did not have the proper information to create drivers for graphics cards by providing little documentation for their APIs.

Rather than just sitting down and creating graphics drivers, developers have often had to reverse engineer the APIs. API documentation was available to those who would sign NDAs and Non-compete agreements.

I hope that AMDs recent success will lead to more standardization which will lead to fewer graphics related issues.

However, as an end user, I can understand the feeling that ‘Linux sucks’ when something does not work correctly. We are at an interesting infection point. Microsoft’s cloud division is currently their top revenue generator… and they make most of their money providing and managing Linux based servers on azure.

It will be interesting to see what the next couple of years bring.

you dint even read what was in the link + post most likely. i have amd and is not working and your hole replay is giving 0 info about how you can try and fix the problem. this is why linux is a bad OS no support for fixing things that should work out of the box

what i have is not a driver problem but something else.

What @dfarning mentioned has merit, it wasn’t intended as offense. Sometimes, there are hardware compatibility issues with operating systems, and Linux isn’t any different.

That said, which version of Ubuntu are you using, and what chipset does your computer have? What model of computer? Apologies if you’ve already listed that info somewhere, I’m getting caught up.

I’m sure there’s a logical explanation as to why it’s not working for you.

the thing is the monitor show that is ON and working but the problem is that DVI refuse to display. in xrandr is showing active and working this is why i don’t get it why is not giving any display(print screen show that is working)

OS: ubuntu 20.04 and updated to the latest since is not the LTS version

CPU: AMD A10-7850K(integrated disable bios), 16 GB ram, GPU like in the link AMD R9 380X, moth: Asrock Fatal1ty FM2A88X+ Killer (Chipset AMD A88X (Bolton-D4))

I dint took it as offensive anyway but after trying to fix the problem for quite a long time and not managing it am a bit tilted and find some answers not helpful and just a waist of time i know linux is not getting to much attention since i use VM with linux a lot

i tryed multiple linux variants(fedora, pop, manjara) and the thing is that no linux in try mode works with 2 monitors (1HDMI 1DVI), cant figure why is doing it. why xrandr is showing the * on HDMI and DVI not, don’t have to much time to figure it out myself

and tks i dint know how to contact you @jay since i was thinking you might by able to give a fix and hopefully i will manage to get it working

looks like only DVI ports are not working i activated the integrated GPU and use HDMI and VGA and is working but there is no way i will use a integrated GPU since they are bad anyway. in windows the DVI ports are working cant figure why is not working in linux