Different fonts in Firefox 114.0.1

When upgrading to Debian 12, I removed Firefox ESR, and installed the flatpack version of Firefox.
I immediately noticed that the fonts were different on Facebook. not as bold as before, and seemingly smaller. They look the same everywhere else.
I looked at the code to find the name of the font, but there are too many.
Has anyone else noticed this, or have a fix to try?


Welcome to the forum! I believe this might be just a flatpak thing, with flatpak not reading the fonts (because it’s sandboxed), although I could be wrong. No idea how I’d change that, other than to maybe install the nix-env version of firefox to get around it, instead of using flatpak.

You can also install Firefox directly from Mozilla as a .deb pacakge. I’ve done that to have the latest version and it works normally, as far as I can tell anyway.

Thank you both for the replies.