Did the front page change?

Suddenly, the front page does NOT have the two column layout with both categories and latest, but only one column with categories. Before it had the two column layout, which I prefer highly over only categories.

I think what’s wrong is, that when you choose “Categories” for front page, it should also display latest in the second column. But this is not true anymore.

I’ve attached pictures of another similar forum for reference. Does anyone know why two columns is not an option anymore? Thanks.

Jays forum now:

Similar forum (as was Jays forum before):

I noticed this too, and wondered if I had messed up a setting for my personal account, but I’m guess that isn’t the case if you started seeing the same thing. I’m guessing that Jay changed a setting that changed things. I believe I like the other format better as well, but perhaps it is because every other version of Discuss that I’m a member of uses the two column format, so it is familiar to me.

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It’s totally my fault. I was experimenting with the layout and then I got called away to deal with some other things and was unable to get back to this. I was also hoping that users would be able to set up an override of sorts if they didn’t like the new style. But to be fair, I’m not done tweaking things yet, I’m just not able to spend as much time as I’d like to get it all finalized the way I prefer. It’s a work in progress.


Everything OK Jay, the layout is back to normal - cheers mate! :sunglasses::+1: