Desktop wallpaper multi-monitor spanning - was in GNOME Tweaks, gone in GNOME Extensions?

I like a quality wallpaper - who doesn’t? I find with multiple/dual monitors I get the same images repeated on each screen. It would be nice to use one image that spans them all. Yes?

I have googled this topic today and got hits with ‘GNOME tweaks’, which has an appearance panel where the background can be set to span. Perfect.

Not so fast - I get notifications within Pop!_OS discouraging use of tweaks in favour of the ‘GNOME extensions’ flatpak. I looked for an exension but cannot find one to replicate the tweak appearance panel.

So where does that leave us (if wanting spanned wallpaper) ?!?

I solved my problem by adding GNOME tweaks and GNOME extensions, using the option for spanning using tweaks and anything else useful with extensions.