Debian 12 & Kernel issue?

Hello everyone, I hope you are all doing well.

I’ve been using Debian 12 on my laptop since soon after it came out. I’ve been really happy with it for the most part, but a recent kernel upgrade to 6.1.0-15, makes my laptop unusable. Fortunately I can still boot to 6.1.0-14, but I’m curious as to the exact problem with 15 and wondered if anyone else had seen this.

When booting to 15, I am able to login to the desktop and I notice that the wifi is trying to connect but it never finishes trying to connect. I can open maybe one or two programs before everything just starts freezing up. Sometimes I can click the button to shut down and it starts shutting down but then just pauses during that process and never finishes shutting down, so I have to force shutdown.

Other than the kernel, I’m not sure what else might be the issue. Not really sure how to diagnose it since the laptop quickly becomes unusable when booting to that kernel. I uninstalled and reinstalled 15 but that didn’t fix the issue.

Anyone else ever seen anything like this? Any suggestions?

Maybe it’s connected to this:

Or this other announcement sent out a couple of weeks ago that there were some issues with 6.1.0-14:

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Thank you so much! I hadn’t seen that information. I’ll give it a try and see if that helps. I really appreciate your help.

No problem, let me know if it works please as I’m also using Debian 12 but haven’t had any issues (lucky me :smiley: )

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I made sure the sources mentioned in that article were in my sources.list and updated. Unfortunately, 6.1.0-15 is still a complete dud for me but fortunately -14 is still working fine.

Not trying to be a linux snob, but as an Arch user, kernel 6.1 seems so old.

Something I would suggest is downloading a live-usb image from an Arch-based distro like EndeavourOS or Garuda and try the live-usb to see if it works.

Garuda is currently using the v6.6.x kernel. And, I wonder if the issues you have are experiencing are fixed in a newer kernel version.

Trying a live-image with a newer kernel would be a some-what easy non-destructive test.

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Haven’t tried these, can’t vouch for them, but I’ve tried and others also vouch for Artix. It’s basically just arch, but also has official community GUI spins. The runit one is the easiest, I’d say.

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Thanks for the ideas! I’ll give that a try and see what happens. I appreciate your help.