Debian 12 KDE taskbar autohide?

Hello all!

Today I finally pulled the trigger, so to speak and blew away my Linux Mint install in favor of a fresh new Debian 12 install with KDE. The only thing I miss so far is the ability to auto hide the taskbar. Is this possible with this desktop? I’ve looked around, but can’t find that option.

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It should be possible to hide the taskbar, but I suggest you make it thinner, take it to the top, remove the programs applet / plasmoid from it and install latte-dock. Latte-dock is just so much better (especially the keyboard shortcuts from 1-9 to z-.).

I think to access the taskbar settings, you need to unlock the taskbar first, I don’t remember (it’s been 3 or so years since I used plasma). Personally, since you’re familiar with Mint, I’d suggest you switch to LMDE instead and just wait for the upgrade to Debian 12, but up to you. KDE is pretty slick (and the wayland session was the first properly working wayland environment for me, which fixed a lot of lagging and tearing issues for me), but KDE felt really big for what I needed (like buying an entire toolbox just for a single screwdriver).

I hope it works for you. If not, Debian has Cinnamon too and then there’s always LMDE to fallback on.

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Not on Debian, but it seems to be possible by Right click → Enter Edit Mode → More Options, under Visibility there’s an option to Auto Hide.

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Perfect! Thank you! They couldn’t have buried that option much deeper, could they? :rofl:

Thanks for the reply! I considered waiting on the next LMDE, but I really wanted to give this a try. So far, I’m really liking it. I may switch to the new LMDE if I have problems with this.

That’s KDE right there at its finest: millions of customization options available, but only if you can find them :slight_smile:

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