Debating on moving to XFCE


Really just putting my thoughts down onto the screen. I’m a gnome user and actually used Debian KDE for some time before but my go to has always been Gnome. I’m actually finding myself a little bored with gnome for some reason.

I’ve used xfce before with Manjaro and really enjoyed using it but this will be raw Debian xfce with no tweaks or customisations as such I think.

Loading the live usb, I’ve noticed screen tearing on webpages but I recall that being a simple fix as that has happened on xfce for me before.

Those that choose xfce over other DEs, what is your reasoning? Is it the pure customisation?

Welcome to the forum!

The DE war is pretty pointless. Generally if you don’t need to save resources, just pick your poison. Some DEs might have certain workflows or tweaks that improve your workflow, e.g. GNOME Shell does a lot with touchpad gestures, I think KDE has some tricks too. XFCE is a bit more barebones, but solid and fits certain computing usage styles.

To get rid of screen tearing, you need to install and enable an Xorg compositor. I don’t remember what window manager XFCE uses, but I think you can install and run compton to fix your screen tearing.

The thing GNOME Shell is good at, is that it’s running wayland (well, if you’re on a new enough release), so screen tearing is basically non-existent (same for other wayland WMs, like KDE plasma_wayland session, sway, hyperland, river, enlightenment and so on).

At some point, I really liked the workflow of Plasma with Latte-Dock, which allows you to use the win / super key with 1 through 0 and z through . in order to switch between programs (default plasma task manager / bar only allows you 1 through 0). Combined with workspaces, it gets really productive.


Thank you for your informative reply.

I will see how it goes. I’m comfortable with all of the flavours to be honest. It’s nice to get others perspective on them as there is always something you miss or discover that ends up being useful!

I found a setting in settings editor under xfm4 you set the value from auto to glx if I recall and that has sorted the screen tearing.

Need to work out how to install a new font now as featured in the Linux guys video. Got the .sh file but got a bit stuck late last night!