Dashy for HomeLab

Anyone here using Dashy?

@jay I would love to hear your thoughts on dashy.

I’ve been using dashy. It’s dead simple and I love it.


I usually recommend people use Homer. I don’t use any fancy home pages. When I will have a home page, I’ll probably do a static HTML with maybe some server side scripting to modify the html file when services are up or down automatically. The page itself would definitely be just html and css, the reason being that I want everything I have to work with JS disabled.

It would be hypocritical of me to use NoScript in many places around the internet and have a JS home page. And I hate that there are places online that I have to add to the NoScript whitelist, like discourse forums like this one.

Good point. I just ran across dashy the othrr and had tagged it for further reading.

Like you, JS has a special place in my heart. A very cold, dark place.

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I’ve given this some more thought and I’ve come to the conclusion that JS isn’t bad. It’s really how JS is used that can be good or bad. And with that being said, I’m ok with using JS on an open-source application that has a lot of visibility.

Looking at the project on github, it is under active development and appears to be a popular project.

Now, I’m open to other projects that provide similar features that don’t use JS, but I’m not going to avoid this project just because it uses JS.

I mean, both Dashy and Homer use JS and I have recommended Homer to people. I guess you would probably be interested in LibreJS. I personally avoid it, because you don’t know what exploits or bugs could be laying in it, so I take precaution to an extreme degree, especially on websites I don’t trust, and I’d prefer if others did the same.

Another reason why I want a NoJS website is that I want it to be extremely lightweight and to to functions on Tor or i2p. Well, I currently use neither, but if the internet suddenly goes full Hitler because of insane legislations, those are options to use and migrating to them probably wouldn’t be too hard.

I’m not sure how active Heimdall is, but there is a JS version and a non-JS version (PHP, I think).