Dark mode on community.learnlinux.tv

Hello all,
I have just joined this community and am busy setting up my preferences for this website. In Preference on the TAB Interface I come across Dark Mode which I can switch on and off. Unfortunately there is no difference between the two modes: the picture just stays as dark with or without the tick in the tickbox.
Since dark mode for me is almost unreadable I wanted to switch to a light(er) mode but it seems it doesn’t work.
Am I doing something wrong, or didn’t I do something I should do?
I unticked the box Dark Mode
I Saved the settings
I even opened the site new after having it closed.

Thanks for your help.

Because the website is very customized, themes appear to be disabled. It is possible automatic dark mode would only work with a light theme. Not sure if there is anything we could do, Jay might have to work on this when he can, if he wants to offer a light theme alternative.

Thank you for the explanation. I really hope Jay is willing to find a way because it makes reading the website a whole lot easier than it is now. But I also understand very well that doing this for 1 person is a large effort. Well, we’ll see.
I always have the lightest theme possible in my computers, I use KDE and this DE has a lot of light themes. Black letters on a white background is what I can read best, white (or even worse grey, or as is used here green) letters on a black background are (almost) impossible to read.

You can install the Dark Reader extension to customize the colors of any website. Despite the name, it can be used to lighten colors as well, it was simply created during a time where dark themes were not a thing.

I have installed Dark Reader but that doesn’t help me. Yes, I can switch to a light theme but here on this web page it is only for the parts outside the text areas (completely left- and right-side of the screen. The text areas are adjustable through brightness and contrast but whichever combination I select, it is even worse than when I switch back to the dark mode.
Nevertheless thank you for the tip.

Oh, well, it was worth a try.

Just in case you’re interested, if you are on Firefox, you can also override any site’s styles by applying your own CSS stylesheet. You would have to dig through the site’s contents and write it yourself but it’s a possibility.

No, I am using Brave plus I have no idea where to look and how to use own CSS stylesheets. I guess I am stuck with the dark side of the force. :grinning: