Creating Stratis Pool With Specific Volume Size

I’m studying for RHCSA 9 exam using AlmaLinux 9.2.

As far as I know, to create a Stratis pool, the syntax for creating a pool is:

stratis pool create poolname /dev/vdb

Where poolname is the name of the pool and /dev/vdb is the name of the block device, which in this case I am using VirtIO storage in Proxmox.

From the eBook, let’s say that I’ve been asked to create a Stratis pool with a size of 5GB. I don’t think my cert guide eBook from Sander Van Vugt has taught me the syntax for that, nor is there a syntax when I executed the “stratis pool --help | grep size” command where there is none that lets me create a pool size of 5 GB.

So does that mean that I need to create a 5GB disk in Proxmox for a virtual machine? Does that equate to a 5GB Stratis pool? Am I missing something? The topic about Stratis came from Chapter 15 in RHCSA 9 Cert Guide.

Update as of 8:44 PM Eastern Time: While reading this article, I realize what the book meant is for me to create a disk for a virtual machine. So, in Proxmox, I can specify 5GB and that will show up in the virtual machine. So, I believe I have answered my own question. I cannot create a 5GB Stratis pool inside a virtual machine, which means it has to be done outside the virtual machine. I think that’s what I’m getting at.