Create desktop symlinks aka shortcuts (without command line)

I’m new to Pop!OS and a Linux GUI in general (I was a C developer on RedHat command line servers for some years) I think it would useful to put symbolic links to documents and applications on the Pop!OS desktop… yeah like Windows shortcuts!

I’ve tried using ln -s <source> <target> with the target being the desktop folder and it seems that the Pop!OS desktop/file explorer recognises a symlink and adds a visual notation to denote it is a soft symlink.

I’ve Googled the topic to death and it seems to not be a thing. I have tried various keywords:

  • linux desktop symbolic link
  • linux file explorer create symbolic link
  • linux nautilus create link
  • etc…

What did I miss? Is it this a bad idea? Has Redmond got into my DNA, and now I think I need shortcuts whe in fact I should let it go?

Thanks in advance,

Minutes after posting I find an answer here.

Nautilus does not offer a menu option that some file explorers have (copy, then ‘paste as link’) but by holding ctrl+shift then drag and drop a file to the destination creates a symbolic link instead of a copy. That’s just what I want, :slight_smile: I wonder if it works with folders?

Are there other ways (apart from ln -s <source> <dest>) ?