Can't update Flatpak runtimes

I am running the latest version of Pop OS on a framework laptop. I keep getting this message in Pop shop:

3 components with updates:
• org.freedesktop.Platform Flatpak runtime
• org.gnome.Platform Flatpak runtime
• org.kde.Platform Flatpak runtime

The update option with Pop Shop does not update these runtimes. I tried the using, flatpak update, in the command line and this was the response.

Looking for updates
ID Branch Op Remote Download

  1. [✗] org.freedesktop.Platform.GL.default 21.08 i flathub 1.0 kB / 131.2 MB

Warning: Failed to read commit 86a1c8526bda603bdfadaaa0c3c76a1afcebf75ad1706c25fee3160765650a13: No such metadata object c6fc5e7202e34a50bb38c66e0a2ac18f729624f91d1cb5b8d802d3c64dfbb03d.dirtree
Installation complete.

Any suggestions?

I tried an Internet search for:

  • flatpak update warning +“failed to read commit”

I got a hit on reddit here:

The first response in the reddit thread suggests a fix. Check it out?