Cannot Install Linux Mint


I am in the process of totally moving all my machines to Linux Mint. Have successfully setup 2 laptops but now, for some reason, i cant install on my Desktop. Has anyone had these issues and, if so, can anyone assist please? During boot, i reach the screen and then press to run Linux Mint but, from there, a ton of errors come up on the screen and, after a several minutes, the Linux Desktop comes up but nothing, including the mouse, work. I seriously want off windows so hope it can be done. thank you for any assistance with this

Welcome to the forum!

Can’t really say, sounds like the installer could be corrupted or something. Or maybe the kernel in Mint is too old for your desktop. Try redoing the USB stick with something else, if you used Etcher, use Rufus, or vice-versa. If that still doesn’t work, just try Pop!_OS or the latest version of Ubuntu / Kubuntu and see if that works. You don’t need to install it, just live boot it and see if they work.

Given that the desktop shows up, I would think it’s a corrupt installer, but I could be wrong.

HI and thanks for that. I will try and see what happens.