Buying from Tuxedo (moved into this catagory)

Hi -
I really like the Tuxedo Infinity Pro 14 but am hung up on relying on service internationally. For me this is especially true if I have to send it back in for service. Or am I being silly?

With it’s better screen and an extra m.2 slot it seems a step ahead of the Galago Pro, but maybe I’m overthinking it. :->


Working repairing laptops for the last 20 years i can honestly say they are a lot better now than they have been. I mean these days the only things you can replace are the screen which can normally be purchased for £50, the memory which is cheap to buy and the same for the hard drive.

I wouldn’t worry about buying one. I have repaired a couple of Tuxedo and they are nice laptops.

Any idea who is the ODM for that model?