Building a Server for an entire School network

I’d love to watch Jay review two Linux Servers designed for schools, such as DebianEdu 11.5 and LinuxSchools 14, which is a Ubuntu. It would be great if he could touch on the most important considerations in designing and developing a server network for public/private schools. And, if he knows of a better way or OS to use.

That’s a fantastic idea. I’m not sure if it’s something I can cover right now, but I have a feeling the content path I’m on will lead me in that direction anyway.

One of the biggest issues for school networks is redundancy. The network switches coupled with a ‘modular department based’ ecosystem takes a lot of consideration in load balancing/distribution for maximizing throughput. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the approach you would take in deciding how you would begin its design, with affordability in mind, which would also reveal to newb Linux server users the nuts and bolts of networked server platforms.

The content path you’ve been on covers it all, just about. Your approach and presentations are extensible; in that they can be assembled in specific perspectives for any Linux driven ecosystem. Your focus and approach is simply logical.