Building a home lab with raspberry pies

I have started building a home lab setup using raspberry pies. I currently have 1 Rpi 4 4GB running Home assistant and 2 Rpi 4 8GB, 1 running openmediavault with nextcloud and one ready for next project. I have noticed that neither set up uses much more than about 1 GB of ram at the current work load. I am wondering if the 8GB of ram is a little bit of over kill for the arm processor. Would the 4GB model be more cost effective for clustering? Maybe the 2GB model is decent enough for most workloads? My mindset is i would rather have more pies clustered together to handle work loads.

I feel like the 4GB versions sits in a sweet spot, price and performance wise.

I’m sure you could go with 2GB as well, but I’d rather be on the safe side with 4GB.

I personally wouldn’t consider an 8GB version, unless I had a very specific purpose for it.

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I think 8GB is good for a workstation Pi, but yeah 4GB seems pretty good for servers.

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Thanks for the input. I have purchased 3 more of the 4 GB models to start a cluster. price wise it seems to be the sweet spot.


Would recommend to configure them as a kubernetes cluster