Bug in Gnome-Clock (Ubuntu 20.04)

Hello everyone ! Recently i installed Ubuntu 20.04 and after i add Gnome-Clock package look what i see. (https://youtu.be/mLgmkfX3eUo) I upload video capture on my YouTube channel. I hope LLT don’t ban me. Also please tell me it is bug or not. If it a bug how can i send info to Canonical ?

I don’t think that I would take the time to report that one.

This is a little bit of inside baseball. Inside baseball (metaphor) - Wikipedia
Ubuntu 20.04 used gnome version 3.36. Ubuntu 21.10, the version developers are focused on, is targeted to use gnome version 3.41.

In general, LTS (Long term support) version bugs only receive interest if they are security or date loss related.

Good bug reports are extremely valuable. But taking the time to fill out a good bug report that is likely to be ignored… is frustrating for everyone.

I hope that doesn’t come across as too pessimistic.

I don’t remember what the process is for filing a bug against Ubuntu, let me know if you can’t find it. That’s probably the best thing to do, if it’s an upstream bug, then they’ll link it to the upstream bug so everyone will know that it’s already been reported on both sides.

On another note, your wallpaper is AWESOME and a ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!

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The full reporting process for reporting bugs to ubuntu is at ReportingBugs - Community Help Wiki .

Basically, you run a script that gathers information about your system. Then you add some information about the package and what went wrong.


Thanks for your reply. I forgot to say it happens in Wayland.

Thank you so much for noticing my wallpaper. Also you have so awesome YouTube channel and this forum.:grinning: :grinning: :grinning: I forgot to say it happens in Wayland.