Bug fix help needed (gpu /greenwithenvy)etc

big issues with greenwithenvy
updates dont seem to help

should i reinstall missing modules

an how do i fix

also do i have the right nvidia drivers

someone suggested to me that python is or could be missing a library from the Nvidia driver

if so how would i figure that out fix

this is a mayjor issue i need fix as this pc is for my dad an on ever boot the favs an oc clock settings for the gpu dont save or engage without manual setting them to which he;ll never remember to do or how

he does cad an vid an image editing work an design an some gaming so not have the gpu overheat an glitch up is a must

I never used that greenwithenvy, but I saw on their GitLab page (Roberto Leinardi / GreenWithEnvy · GitLab) that for using the flatpack version, you need to uninstall the regular version of GWE.

Is the Python error even coming from your OS side, or the flatpack side? Does your distro put its Python packages under /app?

Or does the flatpack expect a different Nvidia driver version than you are running?

Python error even coming from your OS side , ive got no idea or even how to check

an as for installing the GitLab version of gwe i tried an couldnt get to install may have done it wrong is ther a step by step to follow

IDK, I saw instructions on that page for getting and building it. Like I said, I don’t use GWE (my GPUs stay cool even doing Cycles renders or running ML, so I never saw the need).

Were you using a pre-flatpack version of GWE? If so, did you remove it before installing the flatpack?

Other than that, just doing a fresh install of your OS, drivers, and GWE (after making 2 backups) is probably going to be faster and easier than going back-and-forth here trying to figure it out.