Bluetooth 5.0 dongle doesn't work with Linux?


I have Ubuntu 21.04 on my desktop (Kernel 5.13.12-051312-generic) with Bluetooth 4.0 USB for a while now, I decided to try a USB Bluetooth 5.0 version however it doesn’t work, Bluetooth 5.0 appears in settings but I can’t connect to any Bluetooth devices. I have a dual boot on my desktop so I tried it on Windows 10 and the USB Bluetooth 5.0 worked flawlessly.

I am just wondering Is it possible to get the USB Bluetooth 5.0 to work with Linux? I’ve seen some threads on the Internet but they involve downloading the latest kernel and patching some code to make it work. Thanks for your help!

I’ve had success with Bluetooth adapters. You basically have to confirm Linux support before you buy, which I understand doesn’t help you now. Most of them seem to work no problem, but there’s a few complicated ones out there.

Yeah, I should have made sure it was Linux supported, it was a cheap one so no worries.