Best Distro For Battery Life?

So I have recently purchased a new laptop and I have tried installing a few distributions on it for a test run. I have noticed that I get wildly varying battery life among them. Of the 3 that I have tried (Manjaro, Fedora, Pop!_OS) I have found that Pop!_OS is by far the best, with the dedicated graphics turned off. This makes me wonder, if anyone would have any other recommendations, in regards to battery life. The longer I can run my laptop away from the wall the better.

Battery life is nothing I think of very often, as I don’t have laptops. Fedora KDE spin worked for me. Arch with KWin+LXQt also worked. So did Fedora with Sway. Had no complaints. Used a Dell Latitude E5580, Toshiba Kira and lastly a Dell Latitude E5440. All lasted me around 4 hours, with the camera on in a Goolag Meet meeting. The camera was by far the thing that drained my laptops the fastest. None of those laptops had dGPUs.

I wouldn’t recommend Arch though. And Manjaro is even worse. Given the luck you had with Pop!_OS, you may want to change your desktop environment, as GNOME Shell is a resource hog. Plasma could work, maybe XFCE or LXQt too if you don’t mind concentrating more on your programs than your desktop and its features.