Best and easy Linux Cert for Newbies

Hi guys, first post on any Linux forum, i am very new to Linux community, want to learn linux , just finished Jay’s linux course on youtube for beginners , doing python now almost finished.

How can i improve on this i use windows at work and every where .

How to practice and which certification you guys suggest .

Many Thanks

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Have you looked into Linux+? it’s not super beginner friendly, but it’s usually a good start if you put 2-3 months of serious study into it, and you’ll learn a LOT.


I would probably start with the LPI Linux Essentials certificate. It’s a one-time, never expires certification which covers many of the most basic elements of using Linux, including things like permissions and command-line utilities.

Once you have obtained that certificate, the Linux+ is a great next step. It will require more learning, but it is pretty comprehensive.


Hello fasak,

I would look at Linux Professional Institute’s Linux Essentials exam. LPI does not consider it a certification. It is merely a starting point to Linux certifications and is a solid foundation for pursuing the LPIC-1 certification.

There is a free NDG Linux Essentials course on Cisco Netacad. It includes study sections, labs and exams.

Also, there are Linux Essentials practice exams on Udemy.

If you do both, it is virtually a certainty that you will pass. Then you can move onto pursuing the LPIC-1 certification.

If all you are looking for is to take a really easy exam and pass so you can have a cert, then there aren’t any reputable, industry-accepted certifications that meet that criteria. There are no shortcuts.

Wish you the best.