Bash color config

@jay can you share your bash color configuration? They come through very well on your video’s.

The blue color is very hard to read with the black background with most default distro color configurations.


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I think the blue on black is a color-blindness thing. I also find the dark blues on black impossible to read. They are often the default on systems so many people must find them easy to read.

Something else that might be related. I never have any trouble on tests like EnChroma Color Blind Test – EnChroma when they are done on a computer monitor… however when they are given on printed cards like at an optometrist’s office I have trouble. Seeing, and especially seeing in color, is complicated!

I’m not color-blind, nor do I think that most people are. I think this is just an area that the dev’s assume most people will modify to their liking. Instead of testing a bunch of different variations, I’d prefer to save some time. I like the color layout that @jay uses in his videos.

Jay’s Ansible config is on Github, where you can also find his bash configs here (where bash_prompt includes colors etc.).

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Perfect, thank you !!!