Bad Sound Quality in 4 linux Distributions

Hello Jay Sir and other users,
I want to dual boot Windows and a Linux Distribution. As Jay Sir said to try out Linux Distro before installing. I tried live booting Ubuntu, PopOS, Linux Mint, Debian, ElementaryOS, Fedora and SolusOS. On my Laptop, PopOS, Linux Mint, Debian does not boot up.
Other Distros have a common problem i.e, Sound.
It sounds awful(like sound from a trash can) as compared to Windows OS.
Except for sound, everything works smooth.

> Will installing the Distro to my Laptop solve the problem?
I am a beginner at Linux. I really loved Linux and want to learn it. (plus it will be beneficial for my career)
I liked Fedora and SolusOS.

Thanking in anticipation.

Laptop Specs-
HP 14s dk0093AU.
AMD Ryzen 3500U.
integrated Radeon Graphics.
256GB SSD and 1TB HDD.

I think it really depends on what sound chip is in there. The driver is part of the kernel, so I think you should try a distro with a newer version kernel, like maybe Manjaro and see how that works.

Another option for you would be to use the Windows Subsystem for Linux (it’s part of Windows).

Is Manjaro easy to live boot and install?

Yeah, it’s what I use on my workstation PC (and on my alt-desktop Raspberry Pi 4B).

They have a pretty good choice of desktop environments to pick from, too:

There are both “official” and “community” editions to pick from; both kinds are solid.

The LTS (long-term support) kernel is 5.10.70-1, but it may be that you will need to install a newer one to get support for your sound chip, like 5.14.10-1, which is also stable, just not LTS. There’s also a 5.15.rc3.2 that’s experimental if that version doesn’t have your driver in it.

Is it good for Daily-usage?

Manjaro? Yeah, on both PC and RPi. :slight_smile:

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Okay Thanks, I will give Manjaro a try.
I am downloading the KDE Plasma version.