Bad luck with CloneZilla and MDADM, please suggest something else

Long story short, I have 2 physical servers which I use to run Proxmox. A week ago I saw there is a new stable version of Proxmox VE, so regarding best practices before major upgrade I should have a backup (restorable backup). So I backed up my servers with CloneZilla then created new VM in virtualbox and tried to restore from backup - unfortunately I end up with broken grub which says: disk UUID… not found, then went to grub rescue mode.

Let me tell you more about the partitioning:
I have two disks with 3 partitions:

  • First is used as software RAID with mdadm tools
  • Second is used as RAID-Z (stripe) member 1
  • Third is used as RAID-Z (stripe) member 2

So on top of the RAID volume I have LVM, then the root file system and the rest.Two issues I faced by now:

  • For some reasons I even can’t see the grub menu/loader
  • For some reasons when I type ls in grub recovery console, I can’t see md devices assembled

I really don’t have a clue how to proceed further. Any advice’s are welcomed.