Automation Scripting Question

I write automation scripts at work in python and I have a question about how to grant other people access to run the script without granting them access to the Linux server.

Does anyone know of an application and/or utility that will allow (authorized) users to click a button or such and have a script run on a remote Linux server without the (non-Linux) user having to login to the Linux server?


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Thanks, I’ll take a look at Rundeck.

Someone on Matrix suggested cronicle, which I’m looking at right now.

EDIT: That link is actually to cronicle-edge, which is a fork that included LDAP support (don’t ask).

Rundeck is just a bare basic “centralized cron” so to speak, which has the option to run jobs on-demand with the click of a button. You can have Rundeck admins (who create jobs and schedules) and rundeck operators, who just view jobs and maybe trigger jobs if they have permissions.

I used rundeck to run Oracle backups (don’t ask) and the DBAs would need to run their backups on-demand from time to time, so this made it easier for them.

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I think you can use automation tools like Ansible or Jenkins to run the script remotely.

How does Ansible or Jenkins provide security controls for granting execute only access to a script on a remote host?

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ssh plugin
pipeline script
there are many more just explore yourself

Thanks, I’ll take a look at those.