Arch Linux Install with i3

I have seen the latest video from this channel about installing Arch and I really liked it. However, I don’t want to use xfce/plasma or any other I just want to use i3. Is it possible for you to make a small video on that. If making a video is not possible then your guidance would be great.

Really appreciate the work you guys are putting in, this really helps newbies like myself to get our hands on linux.

I run i3 on Manjaro (both x86 and ARM), and it works really well without shenanigans. I think they are starting to shift to Sway, which is basically i3 for Wayland.

There’s still a spin for Manjaro-i3 for x86: Manjaro - Downloads

Manjaro is basically a stair-step release distro based on Arch; they have regular security patches, with distro updates monthly. That way you get the advantages of a rolling release with a bit more stability. I’ve been using it for about half a year and it’s been really great.