Appimage backup script

I have a question, in your bash series you create a backup script. I would recommend a good end to that series would be to create an AppImage off it.

I’m not familiar with the backup script, but why would a script need to be appimaged in the first place? It’s literally 1 file that you can run anywhere. Appimages are used for programs that have a lot of dependencies that you want to have easily bundled and distributed together.

In particular, if your program is using an older or experimental / non-default dependency that conflicts with a system dependency, you’ll want to use appimage. For a script? Literally copy-paste the text from it on a script on your box.

in the bash tutorials Jay had, he went through bash and built a backup script as info in the course. would only be interesting if you could make it as AppImage a little to understand how it is structured and build