Anyone jumping on 24.04 LTS yet?

Looks interesting, but with only Gnome 46, could probably have been a bit more exciting.

Interested in what LM inherits and when…

Sick of distro-hopping for the time being thanks largely to Debian 12 crashing and burning on three different Intel Mac’s multiple times… thank’s Jay.

Not just yet, as there is usually a quick iteration of updates after the official release, to fix last minute bugs found through real world contact. But in any case, just because something is new doesn’t mean that you have to have it. I’m still quite happy with Ubuntu 20.04, it just works, and I’m happy to hold on to it until it reaches EOL.

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The only thing that really got my attention was, being an iPhone user, the HEIC image manipulating capabilities ‘out-of-the-box’ of 24.04, which would make my life much easier.

Yeah it’s nice we’re seeing more adoption on that everywhere. I’ve managed to get it working but I can’t even remember how I did… one of the reasons I don’t want to touch my setup right now, I’ll admit :joy:

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I converted my XPS from 23.10 to 24.04 about an hour ago. It took about half an hour and everything appears to be working. All told, a pretty painless upgrade.

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From what I’ve heard, the move from 23.10 to 24.04 is fairly incremental.

It’s folk like hypoiodous, 20.04 to 24.04, that will notice the big differences.

I have had a lot of gui crashes with xubuntu. Lubuntu has been good so far.

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Haven’t tried either… what’s the attraction?

Here is the marketing line:

Xubuntu is an elegant and easy to use operating system. Xubuntu comes with Xfce, which is a stable, light and configurable desktop environment.

Xubuntu is perfect for those who want the most out of their desktops, laptops and netbooks with a modern look and enough features for efficient, daily usage. It works well on older hardware too.

Your daily operating system

Lubuntu is a complete Operating System that ships the essential apps and services for daily use: office applications, PDF reader,  image editor, music and video players, etc.

If you need more, you can use the Discover Software Center to download the required app that suits your needs, for free.

I tried 24.04 on my desktop and laptop. I was excited to try the TPM/Secure boot and full drive encryption. Every time I tried to install it on my drive, with LVM as well, the installer would crash.

I gave up and went back to Debian 12. Deb12 is more stable. I do agree with Jay, Ubuntu needs to slow down and not push to get it out on an arbitrary schedule.

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I’ve just ordered a new laptop and one of the reasons i choose this particular laptop was because it came with Ubuntu 24.04 LTS as default and not Windows. But i’m still waiting for the new laptop to be delivered.

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