Any date on debian 11 (bullseye?

any date on debian 11

I heard recently a speculation from a developer for an Ubuntu Flavor commenting on the current Debian freeze in preparation for release, and he said September 2021. Since I haven’t seen anything official from Debian, I believe we have to take that as pure speculation. Debian typically takes the stand that they will release when it is ready, so until the actual release announcement it is probably all community speculation.

Personally, I have been enjoying MX Linux built on top of Debian 10 as a daily driver desktop on a work computer. I have also had some success running a Debian 10 server in my homelab.

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MX is a very nice distro. I ran it for about a year until I discovered Solus Linux, which is now my preferred desktop OS.

I’ve recently moved from CentOS to Debian for all server projects.