Another Good Video from Jay and Tom

While this episode focused on using Graylog as a central logging platform, both @Jay and Tom brought up a number of useful tips for Linux Homelab practitioners.

A couple that stood out for me were:

  • Use Containers, plus AutoFS to mount remote volumes on your NAS for large datasets
  • Logging traffic from hardware like UniFi Switches and Routers
  • Threat detection IP’s from Alien Ware free account I think he said (need to re-watch)

So, now I’ll have to spin up a VM / CT just to see how Graylog works.


Well, I managed to get Graylog running, but then realized I installed it from a repository that was two minor revisions behind :flushed: … So, I had to re-pull the the repo, re-update (nothing like doing things twice ey) my server config, and it’s back up and running. Now I just have to learn how to build dashboards :thinking:

I can say, the Graylog Docs are extensive, and if you “follow the yellow brick road”, you should end up with working product. Just make sure you’re on the latest revision - should be 4.1.2 or later at the time of this writing.

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