Accounting Software for Linux Mint

I’m in need of Accounting Software. I researched JGnash, and it seems good, however, it seems like the support moving forward might be pretty anemic?!?! BEFORE I get too far down THAT road, I wanted to see if anyone here could recommend a BETTER alternative. I don’t do anything crazy with my personal finances or Business finances, AND I do need to to be sophisticated enough to handle my simple business needs - creating invoices would be one example. Thanks!

I think GnuCash is what a lot of people use.

I think I can post this here since Tom from Lawrence Systems is a friend of LLTV. But he posted a video saying they use KmyMoney & InvoiceNinja.

@mainedan Thanks! by the phrase, “they use KmyMoney & InvoiceNinja”, what do you mean exactly?
BTW, Your suggestion to use the, “Fn” key was the CHARM! I found that my keyboard backlight is turned ON/OFF via the Fn+ “*” (on the number pad)!!! SWEET!!! Onwards!

Ya, the fn keys have other functions too, but those are the ones I use.
here is a link to the video I was speaking of The OpenSource Accounting Tools We Use: KmyMoney & InvoiceNinja