Accidental Homelab - July 16, 2021

The home lab is starting to come along nicely.

Every evening, I have been trying to sit down and ansible-ize something. I just pick an install or configuration that I used during the day and try to figure out how to do it via ansible. Then the challenge is to add it to ansible so the install or configuration is applied consistently across my machines. If it can’t be done consistently, I add a #fixme comment to my yml file to deal with the issue later.

It is surprising how much more ‘stable’ I feel having a good set of documentation and a way to reproduce what I have done.

At first, ansible was a time sink, I spent time learning with little to no rewards in terms of efficiency. Now, I feel, I am about at the break-even point. Hopefully, I will be able to reduce the amount of time and thought that goes into maintaining the system.

On the hardware side, I made a very small change. I bought a $15 dollar cable so that I could attach a 2TB spinning hard drive to my virtual machine server(nuc). I understand it violates the do one thing and do it well separation of duties for machines. But, I have too many jobs where passing data back and forth across the 1GB network is too slow.

I updated to Proxmox 7.0 and Proxmox backup server 2.0. Everything went smoothly. Pbs is currently running on a VM on my Synology 918+ with two cores and 8GB of memory. It is not a speed demon, but it gets the job done.

Finally monitoring. I need a good kick in the pants to sit down and focus. Every time I start, I end up reading a bunch of superficial comparison articles of the various options instead of focusing on learning one. Maybe today will be the day that I get something done.

Available budget $35.00


You’re doing it !!! Keep going and keep us posted.

The destination is not the only goal. For me, it’s all about the journey.

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