Accidental home lab

I like the home lab series. I am not what you might consider the traditional home labber. I am an accidental home labber.

Over the years I have slowly been adding stuff. Until last year when we had two adults working from home. The qnap 918+ got bigger hard drives and the docker services moved from the NAS to an NUC8i5. which used to be the wife’s desktop. I upped the memory to 64MB. It is not a beast, but it does what we need it to do.

The entire system including cable, modem, switch and 2 AP’s take about 110Watts under load and about 50 what when idle.

I do a bunch of work with Robot Operating System. My next goal with be to set up a work station I can access remotely that has something similar to an NVidia 3080 graphics card for AI work.

Looking forward to your new stuff.

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This sounds awesome! Thanks for sharing your “accidental” home lab with the community.

Sounds like a great start!