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Hey Jay!!

Take a bow for the methodology you maintain to pass the knowledge you have. I recently started my Linux journey reading your book, blogs, videos, to acquire the skills that will help me professionally. At times I see myself jumping from one video/article/page to another (perhaps I already studied) as I get confused with few things. Do you have any tip for me?

I had an old laptop with i7 processor, 16 GB ram and 1 tb + 256gb SSDs whcih I made a dedicated ubuntu server 20.04 following your book “Mastering Ubuntu Server” and I admit I enjoy that book. So my progress is to navigate through ubuntu, connecting to the server from another local machine that has similar (or more powerful processor) with Ubuntu VM and also another spare old laptop that has windows but I use PuTTY to connect from it. Apart from general navigation, creating/updating/deleting etc of directories and all, I can now connect from Ubuntu VM - create users, assign groups change permissions, started to script a bit too. I know there is no shortcut or ‘can-I-learn-all-in-a-night’ trick… I take at least 2 hours everyday after work and study.

There are few more questions and I’m not sure if I should ask in this thread.


I’m not @jay by any stretch, but from what you have listed, this is very similar to how many of us started, myself included.

I distro-hopped quite a bit and found that to be a good process to learn the differences in some of the many distro’s out there.

Most of my interest in Linux is on the server side. All of the training I do in my home lab helps me at work. I do run Linux on all of computers, though, so I’m a Linux desktop user as well.

@Jay’s VIM youtube series is very good and I’d recommend that if you have not already gone it.