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Well. I wouldn’t call it awesome. But it get’s the job done, and you don’t need much for a great homelab. My homelab:

  • Synology DS-216+II server with 2x 4TB disks for storage
  • 4 Raspberry Pi’s. 3 in a K8S cluster. 1 in a single-node K3S cluster
  • Asus Vm60 PC running ProxMox

I think that’s a great start. I’m pretty sure that’s the same Raspberry Pi case I have. :slight_smile:

Yes it is. They delivered the version that I have with an extra module/extension for the SD card, with basically extends the SD card port next to the ethernet connector, so you can change it easily.

That’s great. I got mine before they started to do that, and changing the SD card means I have to disassemble mine :frowning:

You can buy them seperately https://www.amazon.nl/GeeekPi-Converter-Stapelbare-Koelventilator-inbegrepen/dp/B08CKDHWCY. Seems like they’re out of stock at Amazon US, but Amazon Netherlands (where I am from) and other webshops still have them in stock. The product is called “GeeekPi 2Pack TF Card Converter for Raspberry Pi Rack Case”. They look like this


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Thanks. I’ve added it to my list, if it gets back in stock I’ll order it.