About Nvidia Drivers

No matter which linux distro i install, wether arch based or debain, if i am going to install it with nvidia drivers then my browers become so laggy. I tried all the browers and all the linux based distros. But if i install it without nvidia drivers or with open source driver of nvidia like nouveau, every linux distro works fine on my pc.

My System Specs:

i5 9th Gen
Geforce 1660
16 gb ram
500 gb ssd

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I think you might be using some kind of optimus stuff. Are you using a laptop? I know laptops need the driver for both Intel and nVidia and I don’t remember how the switch happens on linux. I’m thankful I never had to deal with (because of conscientious purchase decisions).

Have you tried Pop!_OS?

Question is, which browser? Firefox?

You can try this in Firefox:

I have tried all the distros, fedora, pop, arch, ubuntu, debain etc. all and all the browers as well. And i am using desktop not laptop. I don’t know why this happen, without nvidia drivers all distros runs buttery smooth.

Finally, Zorin OS 17 is the operating system which works buttery smooth with Nvidia drivers on my pc :slight_smile: