3x Servers 128 Core (256 threads) Ea - Crazyness

Hello All,

I’ve not posted in a while, but, I had post about this one. We’re doing some HA Cluster App testing at work against Intel, AMD and ARM processors and I drew the long straw for the AMD’s platform today. These servers are absolutely Insane. I didn’t get to see them physically, but I provisioned them, installed the OS, ZFS and all the other cool tools we use. I was shocked to see ( make -j256 ) when compiling code, it’s nuts !!

CPU: AMD EPYC 128 Cores / 256 threads
RAM: 2048 GB (yeah, 2 TB)
NET: 100 (GB)
HD: 8x 6.4 TB NVMEs in RAIDZ2 ~ 34 TB

I wish I had some pictures to show you, but, I’ve no idea myself. All I know for certain is, they are crazy fast at compiling code.

Big Iron, yeah, it’s a lot of fun !!


Wish I had that kind of budget. Sweet rig!

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I also wish I had that kind of budget, but I still wouldn’t use more than probably a quarter or even less.