2 in 1 laptops and Pop OS?

I have a 2 in 1 Toshiba laptop and would like to try it with Pop OS. Does anyone know if then touchscreen, auto rotation and other functions like being able to detach the screen and use it as a tablet will work?

Can’t know until you try a Live Boot Pop!_OS. Burn a USB stick with the latest pop and try it out.

Thanks. Will give it a try.

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Could be worth it to look for a Toshiba Linux community. When I was wondering the same thing for my Surface Pro 4, I found out that the Surface Linux community has a Surface specific kernel you can use to re-enable touch. I never installed it because that was too advanced and risky for me, but it was an option. Maybe the same exists for you assuming it doesn’t just work out of the box.

For PopOS, unless there’s something already in the kernel, I would be surprised if touch is supported because I don’t think any of System76’s devices have touchscreens.

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Most of the touch screens are HID devices, so they should be in the kernel, unless they have some very specific proprietary driver, if I’m not mistaken. I recall my Toshiba Encore’s touchscreen working in Ubuntu 14.04 out of the box. But I couldn’t figure out at that time how to rotate the screen (default is portrait), so I gave up. Unfortunately, last time I tried a linux distro on it 2 or 3 years ago, a minimalist distro at that, my firefox profile was crashing, because the tablet only has 2GB of RAM, which makes it unusable for me.

I could probably try starting afresh with something like Falcon, but I got so much in FF that it makes it hard for me to move. But I could use it as I use it now, with windows I use it sparely and I don’t have my current profile on it anyway, I might give it another look at some point.

Thanks for that. I think I will do as suggested and try it with a Live USB. My fall back position will be to backup a system image of my windows 2 in 1 before I do anything more permanent than the live usb. That way I can always reinstall that image on my 2 in 1 if Pop OS does not work well enough.

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