100 days of linux

Hey everyone

i just wanted to share that i have been using windows and working in the windows Eco system for 20 years plus but always wanted to learn Linux since the 90’s - i am finally in a position to do this.

I will be on twitter adding a post once a day with something i have learnt, done or are looking in to.

I just wanted to post this and ask if anyone has any good tips or ideas on someone who is fully in to windows and not used Linux much at all.

My main daily driver and laptop are now on Ubuntu 22.04.

https://twitter.com/mason_6411 if you would like to see my journey so far (13 days as i write this post)

Thanks for reading and will post if i fail or manage to get to 100 days :wink:


Oh, gosh, where to start.

First off, I would suggest that you create a plan (if you haven’t already). Start with the basic things, like getting all of your drivers/accessories (printers, web cams, etc) working first. Then I would make a list of applications that you use in Windows and start the journey of finding something equivalent (or better) on the Linux.

I list this as it might help with organizing the video’s. Just a thought.

If you need any help with anything specific, this forum is a great place to post.


Hi @mason64 , I will follow alone …