Pop!_OS - FULL Beginners Guide (updated for 21.04)

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Pop!_OS is an awesome Linux distribution, and a favorite among many Linux users. And with good reason - it’s easy to use, has great features, it’s stable, and awesome overall. In this video, I’ll teach all of you beginners out there how to get up to speed with Pop!_OS so you can start using it.

Oh no, I just installed Pop!_OS yesterday using the old guide, haha!

@jay Absolutely loved this video. It was very informative. I’ve ordered a Lenovo Thinkpad E14 Gen 3 which is yet to arrive and I’m planning to install Pop!_OS 21.04 on it. I did however have a few questions, would be grateful if you can share your insight.

  1. Can I limit the pop shop to show only deb packages. I don’t intend to use flatpacks.
  2. Can I add external Debian repositories via the pop shop settings or do I always have to do it via the command line (I’m a software engineer by profession and using the terminal is not a big deal but wanted to ask this nonetheless)?
  3. If I intend to install Debian packages only, is Synaptic package manager the better alternative here.

A quick look, I am also pretty new to pop!_os I switched from Ubuntu for the tile manager. It is great for larger monitors.

  1. Yes, in pop_shop->settings->flatpacks there is a place to remove the flatpack repo.

  2. Yes, in pop_shop->settings->extra_sorces there is a place to add and edit new repos.

  3. You can install synaptic from the cli with ‘sudo apt install synaptic.’ Which you use is personal preference. They both us apt under the hood.

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Awesome. Thanks, man. If I remove the Flathub repo, will that stop showing me all flatpack packages?

Sorry, I am not completely sure. I am a cli install guy myself. I almost always google how to install …, scan a few articles, and then follow the bash instructions.

I am a grumpy old man and that seems to result in the least surprises.

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