Modernize your Linux Storage with btrfs!

Originally published at: Modernize your Linux Storage with btrfs! – Learn Linux TV

When it comes to filesystems, btrfs is definitely a bird of another color! In this video, Jay from Learn Linux TV will break down some of the finer-points of this modern filesystem, which will include topics such as how it differs from other technologies, how to take snapshots, creating a btrfs volume of your own, and more!


Maybe you should do a video with a comparison between BTRFS and ZFS. I’ve always felt the ZFS is more mature, and I don’t see any reason I should switch to BTRFS, now that I’m familiar with the way ZFS works. But still, a comparison would be nice. :sunglasses:

I’d like that, but in the meantime you can watch this:

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Thanks! :sunglasses: I did already watch that video - and it’s mostly benchmarking. I was thinking more like a feature comparison - what are the similarities and differences between BTRFS and ZFS (which I believe are most alike in many ways).