Mastering Ubuntu Server (4th Edition) is Now Available!

Originally published at: Mastering Ubuntu Server (4th Edition) is Now Available! – Learn Linux TV

The latest edition of the popular Ubuntu Server book is available for purchase right now! This new edition covers Ubuntu Server 22.04, and includes many great examples and projects to help you learn Ubuntu Server fast and with minimal effort. Also included are reference videos at the end of most chapters, that will lead you…

Initially, I pre-ordered an eBook May 29th from Packt Pub and today, I created an account as instructed by an email and once I did that, I ordered the eBook again and now I have two eBooks. My mistake in my part, but hey, I do not mind supporting you (Jay) for an awesome work. I probably should have created a Packt Pub account in May 29th but I didn’t. My email address is unique only to Packt Pub.

Oh, wait a minute! My Packt Pub library states September 2022 for two of the books. Never mind. It’s not like I ordered it twice today.