Manjaro ARM on the Raspberry Pi 400

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I’ve been wanting to play around with my Raspberry Pi 400 again, so I decided to install Manjaro on it. In this video, I review Manjaro ARM (MATE edition) running on the Pi 400. # LearnLinuxTV Links :penguin: Main site: :arrow_right: :penguin: LearnLinuxTV Community: :arrow_right: :penguin: LearnLinuxTV Wiki: :arrow_right: # Support LearnLinuxTV…

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On display resolution, I made some notes when I set up mine:

Look at for more info. We need to set both the /Display DPI/ and the /Font DPI/. The ARM build of Manjaro works a bit different from the x86 one it looks like?

Configure Display DPI

Create or edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/40-dpi.conf. Inside will be:

# Set monitor DPI (see HOWTO set DPI in Xorg - LinuxReviews for details)
Section “Monitor”
Identifier “”
DisplaySize 376 218 # In millimeters

Even doing this, it doesn’t seem to work? Even running

xdpyinfo | grep -B2 resolution

Still reports 96 dpi.

Configure Font DPI

Edit ~/.Xresources. Change the Xft.dpi: to say

Xft.dpi: 130

Even without the Dislpay DPI being correct, fonts and all seem to look OK.