I have two spare Boxes - What Should I put on them?

I have two small form factor boxes that I am going to use for a dedicated Spark Cluster (long term), but, I am waiting on delivery (back ordered) of three more. In the interim, I was wondering what a good use case may be considering all the talk about XCP-ng, Proxmox, VM’s, Containers, Router/Firewalls, etc.

What do you all think I should put on them?


  • CPU - AMD V1605B 4core/8threads, 2.0 – 3.6 GHz, 25W TDP
  • RAM - 32GB ECC
  • HD - 256GB NVME, + 1x Slot for SATA M.2 (currently unpopulated)
  • NICS - 2x Integrated 1GB

I might be inclined to recommend Proxmox so your memory will go further (you can use VMs) but both XCP-NG and Proxmox are great choices. Since there’s two gigabit NICs, a router/firewall is a good choice too.

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That’s a good idea @Jay. Stuck them in the mini rack today. Kinda hard to see as they are black, but they are in there.

May do one of each, Proxmox and a XPC-ng just to test things out a bit more.